Make a Dozen Rosés

This Valentine’s Day, consider a dozen Rosés for that special something or even yourself!

We have new 12-packs of our Rosé, and here’s a nice way to turn that box of cans into a bouquet they’ll never forget:

  • Materials:

  • Virtue Cider Rosé 12-pack

  • Kraft paper

  • Baby’s breath (or any accent floral of choice)

  • Foliage of choice

  • String


1. Cut a square of brown kraft paper at desired length

2. Place the foliage flat on the kraft paper.

3. Arrange Virtue Cider Rosé flat on top of foliage

4. Accent the arrangement with Baby’s Breath or flower of choice

5. Take the bottom right corner and roll it over once or twice, depending on how large you’d like your bouquet.

6. Wrap the left side of the kraft paper over the bouquet, then the bottom section, then end with the right section in that order.

7. Take a piece of string and tie it around to finish off your Virtue Cider Rosé bouquet

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