Sour Cider Experiments

Before our head cidermaker Seth Boeve started making cider, he was very much in love with wild-fermented “sour” beers. Lambics were one of his favorite regional styles. It was only a matter of time before his love of Lambics, and his love of cider, came together as something worth sharing with everyone. Here he shares a bit about what our cidermakers have been experimenting with.

small batch cider trials.jpg

"We’ve been dabbling with Lambic-inspired ciders for a number of years now. One of the first ones we played with was a variant of our Seedling Orchard cider aged on black currants (cassis), that we made back in 2014. We’ve also played with raspberries (Cidre Framboise), cherries (Kriek), as well as some other local fruit. The idea of using natively fermented cider and then aging it in oak with brettanomyces very much seemed to play into the traditional style.

We never really got it right though, at least not until this season. The fruit we sourced and the cider we choose this year kind of became something better than the sum of their respective parts. We also inoculated the cider with a natively cultured lactobacillus strain, which gives it even more depth and complexity."

Three of these ciders have been blended and packaged: Cidre Framboise (done with raspberries), Cidre Aardbei (made with strawberries), and Kriek (made with tart cherries). Kriek is available now to try in our Tasting Room and is available in 765 mL bottles. Be on the lookout for Cidre Framboise and Cidre Aardbei to be available in our Tasting Room this spring.

sour cider.jpg