Meet the Cidermaker: James Bothwell

This month we're highlighting each of our cidermakers, who work tirelessly to press, ferment, barrel-age, and blend the ciders you know and love. Meet James Bothwell. James has been with Virtue for two and a half years. He grew up in Clearwater, Florida, and joined the United States Army in 2004. He moved with his wife and two kids to Michigan by way of Colorado in 2009. He was also a paramedic before joining Virtue.


"I like that with cidermaking, it's never the same thing that you're doing every day. There's science involved, there's hard manual labor, and so much timing. Bad timing makes bad cider," he says. "But, if there's a bad day here, no one dies." James, we thank you for your service to the United States, and we raise a glass of your favorite cider, The Mitten, to you. Thanks for the dedication and great work. Stay tuned for more cidermaker stories throughout this month!