Cider Brunch

Spring has sprung, and so has brunch season. In the Great Lakes region we use every opportunity we can to take advantage of what we lovingly call "open window season" to enjoy a delicious and lazy brunch with friends and loved ones. 

It probably goes without saying that we love pairing cider with brunch. Hard cider is well-suited to pairing with all the sweet and savory flavors that are part of any brunch table. Dry ciders, such as Michigan Brut, are excellent for complementing meaty or egg-based dishes, and semi-dry ciders, like Michigan Harvest or The Mitten, are great to couple with sweeter flavors, many cheeses, and even pastries.

Hard ciders have the same crisp appeal as a sparkling wine or champagne - try a Brut-mosa! - and have a little less alcohol so you can continue to enjoy your day.

Our brunch table features all farm-to-table recipes that you can easily bring into your home. Choose your own brunch adventure!

Charcuterie & Cheese Board

Spanish Tortilla

Traditional English Breakfast

Dutch Baby with Apples and Raisins

Buckwheat Crepe with Ham and Farm Egg