Cheese & Cider Workshops

Proper farmhouse cider and cheese are naturally a great pairing. When combined, they form flavorful complexity and variation on earthy, buttery, nutty textures, aromas and flavors. Learn how to decipher how Virtue Cider can best complement a variety of locally and regionally curated cheeses. Virtue will be offering two workshops led by Chef Missy Corey on the following dates:

March 19, 2017  5pm-7pm EDT: This class will focus on pairing our specialty multi-fruit ciders with cheese. Learn how acidity can elevate the nuanced and complex flavors in cheese, or how cider can be used to heighten character it may share with certain cheeses. $30 includes cider and cheese tastings.

March 26, 2017 5pm-7pm EDT: Reserve your spot for our bourbon barrel-aged cider and cheese pairing. Bringing the component of bourbon barrel-aging to the table, we will add focus to smooth, buttery, and creamy-textured cheeses. $30 includes five cheese and cider pairings with accoutrements and tour of the facilities.

  • Multon Flory’s Truckle (cheddar) The Mitten Reserve
  • Gjestost (Carmelized Goat’s milk cheese) Maple Mitten
  • Evergreen Lane Fromage Blanc (cows milk) 2015 The Mitten
  • Chiriboga Bleu (sweet creamy bleu) 2016 The Mitten 
  • Ossau Iraty (basque sheep’s milk semi-firm) Cherry Mitten

Please contact 269-722-3232 to place a $5 deposit and confirm your attendance.