First Apples of the Season

It's officially harvest season at Virtue Farm! We received our first shipments of apples this week from some of our local orchard partners. As direct as you can get, the farmers themselves drive crates of just-picked fruit straight to our cider house.

Each crate is bursting with beautifully varied apples in different varieties. These apples are so different in shape, size, and color; it's this diversity that lends to the depth and complexity of our ciders. We let the apples speak for themselves.

Taking advantage of these early harvest jewels, we get right to it. Our cidermakers test the apples for flavor, aroma, and firmness. Then, we load the crates of apples directly to the mill for washing, sorting, grinding, then pressing. Finally, we sock the freshly pressed juice away into fermenters in Cider House 2. It'll be several months before it's finished and ready to blend into a final proper farmhouse cider. 

You can help celebrate cider season with us at our Virtue Apple Fest, Sept. 29 to Oct. 2. Read all about it here.