Michigan Harvest Cheese Pairing

Our farm and hospitality director Missy suggests some of her favorite cheese pairings for our newest cider in a 12-ounce bottles, Michigan Harvest.

"Michigan Harvest was one of my all time favorite ciders to pair with cheese, primarily because it surprised me completely with the depth of pairing capabilities that we discovered upon tasting.

I worked with Kate Leeder from Aperitivo in Grand Rapids, my favorite local cheesemonger to find these fun and delicious pairings.

Harvest is one of our semi-dry ciders. It has a lovely apple aroma and delicate sweetness. These pairings brought out all of the apple characteristics of the cider as well as balanced the sweetness, making for truly great pairings.

Ossau-Iraty, Pays Bas, France: Semi-firm texture cheese from the Basque region of France. The gentle sweetness in the cheese matches the semi-dry level of sweetness in the cider and brings out some of its complexities.

Idiazabal, Spain: A smoky sheep's milk cheese. The saltiness and smoky qualities worked well with the apple.

Bay Blue, Point Reyes, California: Soft, creamy blue with a salty quality that paired nicely and brought out the balance in Michigan Harvest."