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ON DRAFT AND in six-pack 12oz CANS

Our rosé cider is a blend of hand-pressed heirloom Michigan apples aged in French oak barrels. It is truly cider made like wine with floral notes and a dry, crisp finish.

STYLE: Rosé Cider

INGREDIENTS: Apples, yeast, and botanicals

BARREL-AGING: French oak

GLUTEN-FREE: Naturally gluten-free

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Draft & 12oz. cans

ABV: 6.7%
Virtue Cider Rosé is an all-day drinker, perfect for brunch, lunch, picnics, and dinners. A great option for outdoor entertaining or solo adventures.

Rosé pours with the light pink of spring apple blossoms, with bright floral notes and hints of fresh-picked apple, grapefruit peel, and green strawberry. The finish is clean with just a slight tartness.

Pair with anything you'd pair with a dry rosé wine: soft ripened cheeses, oysters, brunch dishes, or crisp, pickled vegetables from the garden.