Upcoming Events at Virtue Cider

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In addition to our orchard and cider houses, our 48-acre farm is home to an array of animals, through our heritage breed rehabilitation program.

These animals enjoy a safe environment and daily care, and they help keep our property trimmed and keep our soil healthy. You can meet our animals when you visit Virtue Cider. As part of their rotational grazing program, we move them from time to time.

  • Gloucestershire Old Spot Pigs

    • traditional English orchard pig that helped eat felled apples and pomace

    • orchard lore: their spots supposedly from apples falling from trees

    • help till our soil by rooting out invasive species

  • Icelandic Sheep

    • low-maintenance and hardy breed

    • they can be bred for wool, dairy, and meat

    • our resident “mowers” that graze to keep the natural grasses maintained 

  • Chickens (Breeds include Ancona, Easter Eggers, Blue Silkies, Blue Orpington, Cream Legbar, Barred Plymouth Rock, Dominique, and Rhode Island Red)

    • provide eggs

    • remove pests

    • fertilize soil

    If you're interested in seeing our animals, please let one of our Bottle Shop staff know and they'll connect you with one of our farmers to show you around.