Long ago, it was easy to keep track of where our food and drink came from. If we didn't raise it or harvest it ourselves, another local farmer did. Virtue Cider preserves this local connection with every cider we make, partnering with family farmers-many in their third and fourth generations.

Our Orchard Series and other small batch ciders are a salute to these farmers. In every glass, you'll find a true expression of a single grower's finest fresh apples, with little impact from yeast, and fermentation without barrel aging. Each cider is a showcase for the family farms and the apples that make this one of the best cider regions in the world. They are grown by our friends, blended with our friends, and best enjoyed among friends. Here are several that we have done, are doing, or will do in the future:

seedling orchard

Michigan's Seedling Orchard is a friend to chefs and farmers markets for their quality tree-ripened, hand-picked heirloom apples. This crisp, refreshing blend of Golden Russet, Northern Spy, and Grimes Golden apples begins with the aroma of ripe apple and pear, and finishes tart, with just a hint of tannin.

Spirit springs farm
marcellus, michigan

Spirit Springs' Ashmead's Kernal, Sops of Wine , and Strawberry Chenango are a few of the heirloom varieties that comprise this wild-fermented blend. Overripe apple and light funk aromas are followed moderate level of acid and a mineral/earthy finish.


The cider from last year’s harvest was aged on whole Schaerbeek cherries from Seedling Farm for three weeks. The full-bodied cider is deep red and slightly effervescent, full of stone fruit character and heavy oak, reminiscent of red wine. Kriek has a tannic finish with notes of wood and leather. Our Kriek cider is inspired by the Belgian tradition of Lambic beer.

overhiseR orchard

Established in 1863, this 5th generation family owned orchard is operated by Alan Overhiser and his family. With over 225 acres dedicated to fruit production, the Overhiser family focuses on providing quality produce including cherries, pumpkins, stone fruit, and over 20 different types of apples. Blending these different varietals lends an intense amount of depth and structure to the cider and also brings a fuller aromatic experience to every glass.