The Apples of Virtue Cider

At Virtue Cider, we believe in paying homage to traditional cidermaking techniques. We believe it starts, not with juice or concentrate, but with the whole-fruit apples themselves, delivered by a farmer in his old apple crate, used for generations.

Our cidermaking can be as simple as pressing the juice from apples and letting it ferment on its own; or as complex as barrel-aging batches of ciders from individual apple varietals and then blending the batches into a singular flavor marked by the terroir of the orchard, notes from the barrel, and the evolutionary impact of time.

During each apple harvest, our local farm partners deliver their bounty direct to us at our cider house in Fennville, Michigan. Each crate is bursting with beautifully varied apples in different varieties. These apples are so different in shape, size, and color; it's this diversity that lends to the depth and complexity of our ciders. We let the apples speak for themselves.