ON DRAFT & coming soon in 12oz BOTTLES

Our tart and crisp semi-dry cider is made from all sorts of Michigan-grown apples, fermented deep in our cool cellar and aged in French oak, then blended with this year's fresh-pressed juice. Michigan Harvest offers the scent of the orchard, a hint of oak, and a touch of sweetness.

STYLE: Michigan Harvest

INGREDIENTS: Apples and yeast

BARREL-AGING: French oak

GLUTEN-FREE: Naturally gluten-free

AVAILABLE FORMATS: Draft & 12oz. bottles

ABV: 5.5%
The Michigan Harvest of apples starts in late summer, with the sun still bright and the leaves green. As autumn turns cool, trees turn brilliant orange, yellow, and red; and so do the apples. We use all sorts of Michigan apples grown on local family farms. The blend of these heirloom apples creates a complexity of flavor impossible to achieve with just a few varities

Michigan Harvest is crisp and tart, starting with the scent of the orchard, a hint of oak, and finishing with a touch of sweetness.

This cider celebrates apple harvest as well as the autumn's hearty cuisine. Try pairing with roast pig, aged cheddar, or traditional Thanksgiving fare.